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Luol Deng - Former NBA Player 

“Eve has been a part of our basketball camp since it started in 2005. But I've known Eve since I was a kid and we've always had a very close friendship. Her heart has always been in the right place for others. 

Her attention to detail, professionalism set her apart. Our elite athletes are in such great hands with Eve. I look forward to our continued working relationship in UK basketball and around the world."

Marianne Rooke-Allden (Masters swimmer)

“I started seeing Eve at Active physiotherapy when I injured my shoulder in 2012. Before I saw her, I’d been bounced around by my GP, who didn’t take it seriously and had suggested a cortisone injection. So, it was refreshing to speak to someone who fully understood this injury was serious for me, as a Masters swimmer, as it meant I couldn’t take part in the sport I love. Through regular treatments and rehab exercises, my shoulder improved and I was able to return to the pool. At around this time, I also started to train with Eve in her role as a PT. I love these sessions as she’s always finding new ways to challenge my body, which have also improved my swimming. I’d recommend Eve in both her roles as a physio and PT, as she’s definitely helped me better understand how to manage and prevent further injuries, as well as improving my overall fitness.”

Steve Vear - Director - Luol Deng basketball camps

“Eve has been the cornerstone of our basketball camp since it started in 2005. 
Her attention to detail, a duty of care and professionalism simply set her apart from many people I’ve worked with. 
Our elite athletes are in such great hands with Eve; not only with her ability to diagnose but also her constant passing of knowledge during treatments and workshops. 
It’s been an absolute privilege to work with Eve for over a decade and look forward to our continued working relationship in UK basketball.”

Mark Edmonds (GB triathlete) 

“I am a 50-year-old GB age-group triathlete and Eve has been looking after my body for several years, primarily for acupuncture.

I have seen many many physios and acupuncturists over the years and I can honestly say Eve is a different class. She has the perfect combination of great palpation skills to find the areas that need working on, then is amazingly smooth on her application of the needles. But she works you really hard (if you want and need it). Without fail she always sorts me out to keep me on the road. 

I cannot recommend Eve highly enough. Such a knowledgeable, positive and upbeat lady too.”

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